DGM Veron Grauer - Société de déménagement à Genève - VOTRE DÉMÉNAGEUR À GENÈVE DEPUIS 1867 - FAQ

DGM Veron Grauer - Société de déménagement à Genève - VOTRE DÉMÉNAGEUR À GENÈVE DEPUIS 1867 - FAQ

Just call us via 022 732 64 40 or complete the contact form. An appointment will be scheduled for a technical visit at your home. You will receive an estimate in the shortest time possible.

Several criteria enter into the calculation of the price such as volume, distance, access, packing and unpacking, as well as the dismantling and reassembly of furniture.

We dispose of a worldwide network of agents.

We offer sea, road or air transport.

We offer you “door to door” transport insurance in partnership with La Bâloise Assurances, to avoid any inconvenient surprises.

Yes, we coordinate the visit, packing and transport to Switzerland with one of our agents in your country of residence. Our teams subsequently collect and unpack your personal effects at your new home.


We also coordinate removals that do not transit Switzerland.

Example: from Australia to Finland.

As soon as possible. Of course, we are flexible and will adapt to your availability to the extent possible.

Additionallyto the physical removal, many administrative procedures must be performed at the earliest opportunity:

  • Termination of your lease/rental contract
  • Registration at the municipality of your destination
  • Change of address at the Post Office and your bank
  • Announcement of your move to the industrial services.
  • Notify your employer. According to the law, you are granted a minimum of one free day for your relocation.

Yes. We can dismantle and reassemble all types of furniture.

We have a great deal of experience in terms of both major companies and SMEs.

We regularly work with major banks in Geneva, however, also throughout French-speaking Switzerland.

Since 2013, we have been a provider to the State of Geneva for office handling and moves.

We can pack, transport and unpack computer equipment subject to all the respective precautions. However, we do not perform the disconnection and connection.

We can provide our services on Saturdays within the framework of the labour laws.

Sunday work is subject to state authorisation.